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Live and breathe NeedScope

At NeedScope you are exposed to the inside thinking of a variety of local and global companies. You'll work with researchers and marketers from around the world, all looking for NSI to make a difference to their business.

There are around 14 of us at NeedScope and there is plenty of opportunity for advancement within the company. Our global Kantar connections also mean there are opportunities for international secondments and global career advancement.


Beyond your role

You will have a specific role but you are also part of the NeedScope International team. We have a strong reputation for skills development and industry involvement. We're very social and love to eat and drink!

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Skills progress

- Weekly skills sessions
- Training other team members
- External training as required

Industry involvement

RANZ membership benefits:
- Monthly professional development sessions
- Bi-annual conference/Effectiveness awards


Company development

Involvement in company direction via one of four teams:
- Skill development
- Innovation
- Relationships
- Profile building


The social stuff
- Morning tea everyday (once a week treats)
- Monthly Friday night drinks
- An annual retreat

What we look for

What we look for


We've never been content with research that just describes consumer behaviour. We want to understand what drives that behaviour. That's why we set up NSI and developed NeedScope. We need people who are immensely curious, enjoy being challenged and want to make a difference to businesses all over the world.


Working in the Quant team

Crazy about data

Working in Quant

Quantitative research is all about analysing numbers-based data looking for patterns to build a story. Our quanties have scrupulous attention to detail. You'll find them working hard segmenting data, setting up databases, working on new NeedScope software readying it for worldwide launch. No analytical challenge is too daunting for our team.


What does it take?

Quanties often have a blend of statistics, economics, marketing and even psychology. We use Excel, R and SPSS to crunch the numbers. NeedScope isn't just a way of thinking, it is also proprietary software package.

What can you expect?

Segmentation and database set ups – using NeedScope software to create databases for local and international clients. International consulting – exploring NeedScope data to develop insights for global companies. Local quantitative research – working with blue-chip New Zealand companies to help develop irresistible brands.


Developing best practice quantitative resources – for international NeedScope users.

Working in the Qual team

Always asking questions

Working in Qual

Qualitative research is all about understanding consumers at a deep level whether that's meeting them face to face, observing or talking to them in the digital world. For our tight team of qualies with sharp strategic thinking, there's no better way to ask the right questions than with the NeedScope collages and photosets.


What does it take?

Typically qualies have a social science background, often a mix of psychology and marketing. It's a fun and challenging role, demanding both organisational ability and creative flair.

What can you expect?

Local qualitative research – working with blue-chip New Zealand companies to help develop irresistible brands. International consulting – delving into another culture and working out what makes people tick. Client interaction and presentations – whether internally presenting to colleagues or workshopping with client stakeholders.

Developing best practice qualitative resources – for international NeedScope users.

Working in Support

Working in the Support team

Design - Flawless aesthetics

NeedScope International's design team gives our NeedScope resources and presentations their irresistible look
and the wow factor our clients want.


What does it take?

The work is diverse, using multiple platforms, from the Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop to Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel and Word).

What can you expect?

Working in PowerPoint to deliver stunning client presentations. Designing online applications / digital e.g. e-magazines for clients.

Visual image sourcing and manipulation. Maintaining global NeedScope brand, corporate identity and standards.

Accounts - Flawless accuracy

In accounts precision is the name of the game. With lots of global reporting, the team meets strict deadlines each week.


What does it take?

As part of global company, there are high principles in terms of ethical standards and reporting.

What can you expect?

Setting up and managing effective and efficient financial systems. Working with global finance teams to achieve required reporting. Maintaining strong relationships with vendors. Keeping track of receivables, including outstanding invoices and any required collection actions.

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