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Creating irresistible brands

NeedScope is a qualitative and quantitative research approach to help clients build irresistible brands. NeedScope understands the unique needs driving brand choice in a client’s category, sizes growth opportunities and develops a strategy to optimise brand positioning.

We apply NeedScope throughout the marketing process to evaluate and test elements of the marketing mix and monitor brand performance. At the core of NeedScope is an understanding of the 8 drivers of irresistible brands. Emotion is always at the heart driving consumer brand behaviour.

How NeedScope works

How NeedScope works

To get to the emotive drivers of behaviour, NeedScope uses unique tools.

Consumer-brand relationship model:
Irresistible brands tap deep into the heart of what drives consumer choice – emotive needs.

Psychological Needs Model - Full.png

Projective tools:
These tools access emotion in the System 1 brain
and are used in both qualitative and quantitative NeedScope research.

Global mixed gender collageset.png

Psychological framework:
The framework is a map to help navigate emotion and build irresistible brands.

11. Psychological model.png

Interactive NeedScope software develops irresistible brand strategies.

For website 2.PNG

How NeedScope helps clients

How NeedScope helps clients

World class

NeedScope helps clients create irresistible brands by understanding consumers at a deep emotive level. These case studies
show the impact of NeedScope on building irresistible brands in all corners of the world.



(Shopping precinct Oslo):
Redeveloped a historic shopping precinct


La Française des Jeux

(France's national lottery):
Refocused their portfolio of scratchy games to achieve a 45% increase in revenue



(Indian beer brand):

NeedScope unlocked the emotion in beer to help Kingfisher relaunch with record volumes in the first year

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